What Kind of Shampoo & Conditioner You Use Does Matter

I absolutely love my Scentsational Journeys HoneyBee Naturals Omega 3 & Hemp Propolis Cool Mint Shampoo and Botanical Conditioner! I'll share my testimonial of my first use with you. First, I pour it out into my hands and the aroma awakens my senses, already I know this is going to be a favorite. I begin to massage into my scalp & hair, my scalp begins to tingle, so invigorating! (Reminds me of a Nioxin treatment I used to use years ago, in case any are familiar with that professional product.) Between the tingling and the aroma, that has now mixed with the shower steam and created an aromatherapy experience, at that point I'm calling out to my husband, "I love this, you have to use this too!" I felt like my hair was fresh and clean. Hate to say this because I absolutely encourage natural shampoos as the way to go, but some I've tried have left my hair feeling a bit, well oily and weighted I guess you can say. Not this. So I moved onto conditioning. Once again the refreshing clean minty scent while pouring into my hands excited me, and the rich creamy texture smoothed right onto and through my hair. 
Whether I blow dry or air dry, after using HoneyBee Naturals Propolis Cool Mint Shampoo and Conditioner, my hair is soft and shiny. 
Sarah recommended Propolis Cool Mint to me to protect from hair loss, and dry scalp, and to help my hair color last longer. If you've ever colored your hair red you know it fades fast, usually. However, this natural Propolis Cool Mint Shampoo and Conditioner has kept my color vibrant! Have I mentioned the softness?! I do hope you give Scentsational Journeys HoneyBee Naturals Omega 3 & Hemp Propolis Cool Mint Shampoo and Botanical Conditioner a try for yourself.

Need more reason why using a natural product such as Scentsational Journeys HoneyBee Naturals line? Well, if what you are using now has sodium lauryl sulfate, do a quick search as to what that is, what used in, what used for. I did, and that was 'the clincher'. SLS is an emulsifier and foaming agent commonly used in cosmetic products and industrial cleaners. For instance, laundry detergents, floor cleaners, engine degreasers. If used to dissolve the grease off your car engine, you can only imagine how harsh it is on your hairs natural oils, dissolving oils from your scalp and skin, stripping your hair color. Thus, after using a so called 'moisturizing' shampoo, your left wondering why your scalp is irritated and hair is dry. Studies have shown, while not the sole cause, SLS has contributed to hair loss.
You don't have to strip your hair clean, you can gently cleanse and condition naturally.

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