The Eyes Have It

Where do you look when someone is speaking to you? 
Make eye contact. The eyes have it. 
What do your eyes say: Kind Eyes, Honest Eyes, Evil Eye, Sad Eyes, Smiling Eyes, Dreamy Eyes. So many expressions about our eyes, our eyes give so much of our expression. 

It's no wonder that the first signs of aging we notice personally, man and woman, is around our eyes. The search begins for the best eye care product. The skin around our 'telling' eyes is delicate, so as important as the right ingredients is our application of the product. Your kind eyes need a gentle touch. Use your ring fingers to ensure a lighter application, absolutely no rubbing.
If you rub eye care on, well for one, you are wasting product because you are basically wiping it off, you are essentially tugging on the thin vulnerable skin. This will only irritate and add to existing dark circles and lines. A light dabbing, tapping motion as you smooth on the eye serum around the contour of your eyes. For the added cooling benefit for puffy tired eyes, store the eye gel in the fridge.
Now about those key ingredients, well we've got them in our HoneyBee Naturals Ultimate Eye & Face Serum, Royal Jelly & Vitamin C. There is abundance of natural powerful ingredients within this ultimate eye skin care serum. Cucumber fruit extract to revive, Royal Jelly and Honey to smooth, the healing and tightening benefits of Aloe leaf gel, antioxidant Grapefruit extracts, the essence of Florida Neroli essential oil. 
If you are beginning to notice fine lines, or you've been eyeing them for a while now, and/or looking for entire face care gel try Scentsational Journeys HoneyBee Naturals The Ultimate Eye & Face Serum today. It is sure to make your favorite things list! Trust me I have an eye for this :)
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