Chocolate Honey Decadence Soap

This is not made with a fragrance oil! This is made with a very expensive and well worth every penny Chocolate Essential Oil, yes- cocoa absolute. The Honey in the soap is pureraw and unfiltered and made by our local Beekeeper. We truly want to thank Kelley's Apiaries. We also have used Struthers Honey, Inc. who are also our local BeeKeepers.

Chocolate lovers, rejoice- here is a calorie free treat that indulges your cravings for something sinful! Delicious chocolate honey scent adds decadent delight to this bathtime bar, a sweetly soothing, smoothing way to spoil yourself rotten!

Chocolate and Honey has powerful antioxidants, antibacterial and anti-aging properties which cleanse, nourish, and moisturize your skin. Cocoa Butter and Chocolate softens and rejuvenates skin while protecting skins elastin and collagen from free radical damage, leaving your skin with a healthy glow. Ideal for all skin types, acne, lines, and wrinkles, to name a few...

This soap is a 4oz. bar and listed on our website for $8

Our soap, body butter, and sugar scrub can be found on our website.

These products are ideal for any SPA!

  1. The Body Butter will make for a delicious and decadent Body Wrap! The chocolate and honey in the body butter is a powerful antioxidant. The body butter will leave your face and skin tight, soothed and calmed.
  1. The Sugar Scrub will make for a nice exfoliation to get rid of the dead skin cells and renew your skin. Leaving you with a luscious scent of chocolate (Use before a spray tan or tanning bed).

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