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Wooden Soap Saver
Wooden Soap Saver

Wooden Soap Saver

These handmade wooden savers are very popular. The design lets air circulate both under the saver and under the soap. Amazingly, they can sit in a wet environment for years and still look good. These savers really enhance a bar of soap into a more presentable gift when the bar is wrapped up with the saver. As you know, glycerin soap must not sit in water or it will turn into a gooey mess. The soap saver is an attractive addition to the bathroom, will fit in most soap recesses, and will pay for itself by saving your soap bars whether they are handmade soap or glycerin soap. Enjoy! 

***We help support our local wood craftsman as these are handmade right here in our hometown in the USA.***

Measures W 0.75" / D 3" / H 4" / 2 oz.

(This listing is for 1 wooden soap saver only) **



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