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Before and After Photos

This customer suffered from chronic eczema on the hands and feet. After using our Propolis Healing Salve and Propolis Cool Mint Body Butter for just one month, their skin showed a dramatic improvement:

This customer had an allergic reaction to a perfume and used our Propolis Cool Mint Soap and saw great results in just 26 days.

Kate Gene from Propolis Soap after 26 days

This person had an abnormal mole removed in January. This first picture was taken in March, and I had not been using any of the Propolis Healing Salve.
Second pic is in May, two months of using Propolis Healing Salve (not every day but mostly)
Third pic is in Sept, after using Propolis Healing Salve for 6 months. Almost all redness gone, and the dermatologist had told me that it could take up to a year for the redness to go away
I was very impressed because it was such an ugly mark, and that was a full two months after! Even the doctor was surprised at how bad it looked, and that’s when she told me it could take a year to fade.

While we can’t promise similar results for everyone who uses our products, many of our customers have had great success with our HoneyBee Naturals product line.

*Products and descriptions are not intended to treat, cure, prevent, or diagnose any disease, nor are they intended as prescriptions in any way. Descriptions are for educational purposes only. Permission to use these photos was provided by the customer. Inquire for details.


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